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 Rules !Must Read!

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PostSubject: Rules !Must Read!   Rules !Must Read! I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 8:28 am

All members must follow all rules. Failure to follow such rules will result in disciplinary actions.

If you have not already reviewed the rules, please do so. If you were asked to review the rules [via post or PM by an admin] this means you have violated a rule. Violations will be counted against you. Violations add up and if you exceed a certain amount, you will be banned.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Please indicate if your thread is realistic or fantasy with [R] or [F]. Realistic Fantasy may be included. Please label it as [RF]

Fantasy covers RP that has no realistic nature in it and is soley based on fantasy. It also covers sci-fi that bends all reality.
Realistic Fantasy covers RP that is mostly realistic with bits of fantasy within it. It could be a power, skill, character, ect.
Realistic covers RP that is soley based upon reality and has no magic or fantasy.

--------The Rules


•No God Modding

•Sexual content is strickly forbidden. Keep it to a minimum. [No lemon].

•Canon Characters are accepted. However! I do not want "character whores" which are those of you who try and take up all the canon characters you can. You MUST run it by me; Elysion.

•Do not harass others, fight OOC, threaten, or textually abuse each other. If there's a problem, I will handle the situation by either banning the problem person or helping with the situation.

•Please accept everyone's sexual orientation. This means all sexual orientations are acceptable. [Gay, straight, bi, ect.]

•Please keep everything IC until the "OOC" section is up. Post restrictions. Para or Multipara. No one line. If you semi-para because of an off day, that's fine.

•Do not steal other people's pictures. Also, if you take someone else's posted art, credit them.

•There will be a section for art under OOC. Post your OWN art. If you drew it, you post it. There will be a section for art that isn't yours. Credit the artist.

•Allow for people to enjoy their time here! It's supposed to be fun. So, the only rule that will strongly be inforced is respect.

•No Emoticons in posts unless you are in the OOC forums.

•No "cheap" actions unless you are in the OOC forums.

•No textual emoticons such as: ^^, o.o, O.O...ect. This is only if you are posting.

•Be consistant with your posts. If you make a mistake and notice it, correct it! There's not reason to give a reason for editing.

•If you go missing for more then a three weeks, or know that you will not be on for a certain time frame, please message the Admin ASAP. This is so we know to work around your posts.

•I have censored certain words which mean that if you type one of the censored words, they will be replaced with: ****. A star counts for however many letters there are.

•Again, sexual activity is a no. Sexual content will get this forum deleted.

•No l33t speak. "u" "r" "ur"..ect. are not words! DON'T USE THEM IN POSTS!


If you have any questions or comments please message the Admin.

Before you post, this is the first thing you read. I will know if you didn't read this and you will promptly be removed from this forum.

Enjoy your time!

Comments? Questions? Concerns? Email them! Either PM through the forums or email the Admin and/or Kaname Kuran. IMing the Admin IS allowed.

Email: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Yahoo: " "
MSN: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [rarely on MSN]

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Rules !Must Read!
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